Our values

News Tank's ambition is to help management teams "make informed decisions".

News Tank relies on 3 strong values:
• Innovation
• Trust and confidence
• Independence


News Tank is a global media that includes:

  • Daily and weekly newsletters that can be customised by each subscriber
  • A daily flow of information (also customisable)
  • Data, dossiers, analyses, forums
  • Directories
  • Information sharing features between subscribers
  • Events to develop, discuss and share information and new ideas in the sector

This innovative offer is based on fully integrated systems for content production and distribution, subscriber monitoring and event management. Developed in-house, the News Tank solution is used as a white label product by other media.

Trust and confidence

News Tank provides management teams with independent, neutral, factual, accurate, concise, easy-to-read and quickly published information.

News Tank relies on teams of permanent editors, experts in their fields, who establish trustworthy relationships with their contacts thanks to their expertise and professionalism.


News Tank deploys a subscription model paid by organisations and not by individual readers.

Our editorial independence relies on the absence of advertising and the fact that no single client represents more than 1% of the turnover.

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